STLP Parent Letter

 STLP Club Duties 
Below are the list of STLP teams and duties. Please look them over and let us know what your child is most interested in doing.

  Daily morning Newscast: students will rotate through the jobs of a news program and will create a daily news show to be shown on the closed circuit school TV. All students involved will need to meet before school and will need to stay one day per week after school if assigned the job of producer.

Robotics team: students design and program a Lego robot. They will meet one day after school each week for 1 hour and will go to a Saturday competition in Georgetown.

Student tech support: Students will learn basic computer programs and will help teachers and other students to troubleshoot technical problems during the school day. They will come early to turn on library and lab computers and will also shut them down at the end of the day.

Digital art: This is an individual project in which students take photographs and create works of art that will be entered into a digital contest. They may use school equipment while here at school but if they work at home will need their own equipment.

Yearbook staff: students take pictures for the year book during the school day and during special events. They download these pictures to a school file and then at the end of the year they will need to meet after school and help to create the school yearbook.
Daily Morning Newscast   
Robotics Team   
Student Tech Support   
Digital Art   
Yearbook Staff   
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