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March 2023

Principal's Corner

Supporting Scholars at home

Learning words

Vocabulary = the words used in a particular language

Whether you are from another country or a native English speaker, your children are all learning vocabulary. By the time the average student is 6 years old they can understand between 20,000 and 24,000 words. This increases to about 50,000 words by the time they are 12. How in the world do they learn all these words?

Most language is taught through speaking and listening, but our vocabulary knowledge is enhanced by learning words that we may not be using frequently in everyday conversation. Many of these words are learned by listening to stories being read aloud. No matter how old your child is, they can benefit from listening to stories you read aloud to them. The older the child, the more sophisticated the language can be.

Research indicates that the best type of read aloud for learning vocabulary is “Adult mediated” read-alouds. This means that the teacher or parent is not just reading the words from the story but discussing the story with the child. This can include asking questions, clarifying word meanings, and having conversations about new words in the context of the story.

I hope you will make a point to take time to read aloud with your students, Kindergarten through 5th grade. Even adults enjoy being read to – think about podcasts or books on tape. You might even want to check some out to listen to while you drive.

If you are interested in other ways to help support your child learning to read, increase their vocabulary or their comprehensions skills, check out for more ideas.


Mrs. Fish

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February 27-March 3 Read Across America Week

March 2 Papa Johns Night - Use code LES20

March 4 Wild About Reading Event 11-3 Frederick Douglass High School

March 6 SBDM Meeting 3:30, PTA General Meeting Zoom 5:30

March 6 Return Spirit Wear Order Form

March 8 Return Kevin Sherry Book Orders

March 9 PTA Fun Run

March 16 Multicultural Family Night 6-7:30

March 20-24 Book Fair

April 6 Papa Johns Night - Use code LES20

April 10 SBDM Meeting 3:30, PTA General Meeting Zoom 5:30

April 20 4th & 5th Grade Orchestra & Band Concert, K & 1st Music Concert 6:00

April 27 Kevin Sherry Visit

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The PTA Meeting will be March 6th at 5:30 on Zoom. Join us to hear about:

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A Note from the Counselor

Thanks for all who turned in their kindness calendars! We are tallying up. March character trait is perseverance. With all the conveniences in this world it is easy to give up if things don’t come instantly. One must have a growth mindset to be able to persevere. Simply put, a growth mindset is believing that your brain can grow and you can learn many new things. You are not born smart; you become smart. A fixed mindset is quite the opposite.It is believing that you cannot learn new things. Below are some websites that can help you teach your child perseverance.

Gifted and Talented News


New Think Law- “Catching A Leprechaun”, Mind binders, Perplexors, Math Extensions and Mensa for kids are just a few of exciting things happening in groups weekly.


VPA (Visual & Performing Arts)- dance, drama, visual art, vocal music, and instrumental music students are working on a project based on the book …

The Dot is a 2003 children's picture book written and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds. Published by Candlewick Press, it is about a girl named Vashti who discovers her artistic talent.

Students will be giving information in the coming weeks about Gifted and Talented VPA Showcase - Arts In Bloom

For further details or questions, please contact Mrs. Sims,

From Page to Screen Read Alouds

Did you know all FCPS students have a public library card (unless you opt out)? Check out these books to read aloud with your student online or in person. You can even listen to an audiobook together using the Libby App on your device! Students also have access to FCPS digital library using their Google sign on.

Reading Opportunities

Dolly Parton's Imagination Library

Receive a free book every month for every child ages 5 and under! Register here.

What's happening in Specials??

Mindfulness In mindfulness, we are learning about empathy and how empathy leads to compassion. Compassion is defined as seeing someone in need, caring about their feelings, and doing something to show that person that you care. Students have been participating in role-play activities to better understand what it looks and sounds like to show empathy and compassion to others. Role-play also helps students prepare for real-life situations that may indicate a need for empathy and compassion.

Art Kindergarteners and 1st graders have been learning about weaving, the elements of art and how we can use art to express ourselves. We've also been traveling around the world in the Art room with 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. Some of the types of art and cultures we've looked at are Chinese Blue and White Pottery, decor from Día de los Muertos celebrations, African masks and sculptures, and tile designs and architecture from countries in the Middle East. Soon we'll use what we've learned to make our art work for the schoolwide Art Show at Lansdowne's Multicultural Night on March 16th! Mark it on your calendars!

STEAM Students have been hard at work this month in the STEAM LAB conducting investigations and creating physical models to solve real-world problems. Listed below are the units and learning targets for your child’s grade-level:

  • Kindergarten: Weather and Climate: Students use and share observations of local weather conditions to describe patterns over time.
  • First Grade: Light and Sound: Students use tools and materials to design and build a device that uses light to communicate over a distance. Space Systems: Students use information of the sun, moon, and stars to describe patterns that can be predicted.
  • Second Grade: Earth’s Systems: Students make observations that Earth events occur quickly or slowly.
  • Third Grade: Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems: Students construct an argument that some animals form groups that help members survive.
  • Fourth Grade: Processes that Shape the Earth: Students generate multiple solutions to reduce the impacts of natural Earth processes on humans.
  • Fifth Grade: Earth’s Systems: Students develop a model to describe ways the geosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere interact.

Music Kindergarten and 1st grade students are working together to get their spring concert performance ready for you! We will be singing four songs as part of our concert on Thursday April 20th. The school performance will be the morning of the 20th, and the evening performance for parents will be at 6:00pm that evening along with our band and orchestra students. Students should return back to school at 5:30. More information will be coming home this month.

2nd/3rd grade students have also been working on their concert songs. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday March 16th to celebrate our multicultural night at Lansdowne! All 2nd/3rd grade students should return to school that evening at 5:30. The concert will begin at 6:00pm.

4th and 5th grade music students spent some time learning how to read notes on the treble clef staff in order to start preparing to play on the recorders. Each student has their own recorder for the next 5 weeks. We are learning to play notes B, A, and G, along with 5 different levels of songs!

*The 4th and 5th grade orchestra and band concert will be on Thursday April 20th at 6:00pm.

PE Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening Lansdowne Families.

Right now the students should know the 3 movement concepts (Locomotor, Non-Locomotor & Manipulatives). Kinder should be able to name at least two from each list. Though I have some first graders who can name all 3 concepts and provide up to 4 examples. Manipulatives are the concept of focus currently. 4th & 5th are working on pickle ball, 2nd & 3rd have been doing scoops—tossing for distance, to a target and to catch. Two scoops and a cone—call it ice cream. All the equipment we need. Kindergarten and 1st grades have been tossing anything we can get our hands on—bean bags, yarn ball, kickball, tennis ball and now working on hitting targets. Simple toss and catch activities are perfect at home involvement ideas to engage with your child. We toss keys, socks, popcorn, pillows and Pennie’s at our house. Teach them how to flip a quarter while you’re at it. Collect as many as you can and add it. Enjoy your time together.


Mr. Brass

Library (K & 1) We are reading through the 10 books nominated for the Kentucky Bluegrass Awards (KBA) so we can vote for our favorite at the end of the month. In March, we will read Redilocks, Change Sings, The Day We Learned to Fly, and The Elephants Came Home. First grade works on research skills, writing, and collaboration in activities based on these books.