Science at Henry Clay

  • Three years of science credit are required for graduation.  These science classes must include the following topics: life science, physical science, and earth/space science.  In order to fulfill this requirement, students must take one of the following sequences of three classes during their first three years of high school:


    Sequence 1

    Sequence 2

    9th grade

    Integrated Science


    10th grade


    plus optional science elective

    11 grade

    plus optional science elective

    plus optional science elective

    12 grade

    Optional Science Elective

    Optional Science Elective

    Courses in italics are optional. Courses in bold are required.

    Students must completely follow one of the sequences.  Student placement into Science sequences depends on their Math placement test.  Freshmen who are taking Algebra I will take Science Sequence 1.  Freshmen who are taking Advanced Geometry, Algebra II, or Pre-Calculus will take Science Sequence 2.

    HCHS Science Electives

    • Environmental Science
    • Advanced Human Anatomy
    • Advanced Human Heredity (Fall Semester) ~ Advanced Microbiology (Spring Semester)
    • AP Environmental Science
    • AP Biology II
    • AP Chemistry II
    • AP Physics II