Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps 

  • Step up to the Challenge!

    Junior ROTC is a series of elective courses taught by retired military personnel with a goal to motivate, develop, and orient participants to be better Americans by educating them in leadership positions.  Instructors and upper classmen are role models for students developing universal strengths like integrity, dependability and self-discipline and universal values like commitment, respect and loyalty.  Our students learn the rights, responsibilities, and privileges of citizenship, develop personal responsibility, build life skills, and rise to leadership opportunities.  This program at Henry Clay High School is open to out of district students.

    JROTC is not a military recruitment program.  We do not teach military tactics.  Our cadets are under no obligation to enter the military.  JROTC prepares you for life, not the military.  All equipment is provided at no extra cost unlike other expensive electives.

    The subject is YOU! We train you to SUCCEED!    

    Sequential Leadership Education and Training (LET) Levels I, II, III, IV are each worth 1 Credit.  You may start JROTC at LET Level I in any year or semester you choose- even as a senior when you are looking for worthwhile electives!

      It’s NOT your average High School Course!

    Communication Skills Personal Success Skills
    LEADERSHIP Physical Fitness
    First Aid and Your Health American Citizenship
    Technology Awareness Government/Military History
    Map Reading Land Navigation
    …and many others !


    It Can’t fit in a Textbook!

    Leadership Camps that build confidence and character during adventure training.  School functions and civil ceremonies/events use our Color Guard, ushers, marching units.  Fund Raising that lets you lead worthy, community service missions (no selling junk).  Military Functions include promotions, awards, banquets, inspections, and holiday ceremonies.  Specialized Teams train, perform, and compete together throughout the region.

    Color Guard Drill Team(s)
    Marksmanship Map Reading
    Cadet [Physical] Challenge Cadet Staff Structure
    Raiders [Adventure] Individual Stakes
    Map Reading Land Navigation


    We teach students to improve themselves!

    1. Understand the ethics, values and principles that underlie good citizenship.
    2. Practical experience in leadership skills with the ability to live and work with others.
    3. Ability to think logically and communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
    4. Appreciate the importance of physical fitness in maintaining good health.
    5. Know the dangers of substance abuse; techniques for resisting pressures to try drugs.
    6. Develop mental management techniques; goal- setting, visualization, positive self-talk.
    7. Familiarity with the history, purpose and structure of the military    services.
    8. Know what other educational and vocational opportunities exist and how to use them.
    9. Understanding of the importance of high school graduation to a successful future.


    “To Motivate Young People to Become better Americans”

    Better students with improved grades helping their school, and community.

    Greater Recognition and success in the Job Market

    An avenue towards College Scholarships and even Military Academy appointments.

    Advanced Placement in the Military Services (Active, Reserve, of Guard.)!  

    Note: Course offerings are based on number of students enrolled in each class.