• Thinking About Changing Your Major?

    Every year we have a few students who discover an interest in a SCAPA arts area other than their current major.   As we get closer to audition time, I would like to take this opportunity to share with everyone the procedure for changing your major at both SCAPA Bluegrass and SCAPA Lafayette. 

    • Any student who is currently enrolled in SCAPA may apply for a Change of Major.
    • All major change auditions will attempt to take place within 10 days of submission of the major change application and, if approved, will go into effect for the next school year.
    • No major changes will be granted during the school year. This places any student at an unfair disadvantage by going in to a class weeks or months behind the rest of the class.
    • Major Change Applications will be available beginning January 15, 2021 and is an ONLINE APPLICATION!
    • The due date for all Major Change Applications is March 1, 2021. (NO EXCEPTIONS OR EXTENSIONS!!!)
    • Students may select only one area in which to audition for a major change.
    • Once the Major Change Audition Online Application, you will be contacted by the appropriate Arts Teacher. At that time, you will schedule the Major Change audition with the specific teacher according to a time and date that is convenient to all parties.
    • After the Major Change audition takes place, you will receive written notification as to the outcome (Approved or Not Approved).
    • If your Major Change is APPROVED, your counselor will be notified so that they can make the appropriate changes to your schedule. If your Major Change is NOT APPROVED, then you will remain in your current arts major for the upcoming school year.
    • IMPORTANT: Should your child be accepted into the requested arts area, they will no longer be receiving gifted services/instruction in the former arts area. When completing the Major Change Application, parents must initial this statement indicating that you understand the potential change in gifted services/instruction.  Your child will not forfeit gifted status in the previous arts area but will be selecting to no longer receive gifted services/instruction in the previous arts area. 

    Please Note:  If you are a current 6th or 7th grader and are wishing to audition in the area of your current minor, you need to complete the major change application as soon as possible!!!!  Your minor selection can not take place until your major change audition is completed.