Academy Prospective Students

  • Academy Preview Night - September 26, 2019, 6pm

    The Liberal Arts Academy hosts a Preview Night each fall in the Henry Clay theater for applicants and their families. Preview Night will be September 26, 2019 at 6pm in the Henry Clay theater. An overview of the program will be given, applicants will get a tour by current students who can answer questions and share their experiences, and there will be a Q&A time. The evening typically lasts 60 to 90 minutes Feel free to come and go as you need to during the evening.

    Overview of the Application Process:

    Qualified students are offered placement in the Academy as freshmen and on a space available basis as sophomores. Juniors and seniors are not admitted to the program.

    Middle school students in the gifted accelerated program at Winburn Middle and Tates Creek Middle do not need to apply to the Liberal Arts Academy, as we are the continuation program for these students. All gifted cluster students at the afore mentioned schools will receive a placement offer for the Liberal Arts Academy. Please do not use the online application system.

    Students wishing to enter as sophomores may apply online, but may also contact the Academy Facilitator via email to apply through January 2020.

    Parents/students must apply online between August 15th - October 7th at:

    Eligibility Requirements:

    Three test scores in the 9th stanine (96th percentile or higher) are necessary. All applicants must take the tests as part of the application process.

    • Nationally normed general intellectual test (Cognitive Abilities Test)
    • Nationally normed math test (IOWA math)
    • Nationally normed reading test (IOWA reading)

    Application Process:

    Interested students must apply online (link above) by October 7th to be considered for the Liberal Arts Academy.

    The Gifted Committee will review available MAP data in reading and math for FCPS students. All FCPS applicants with the qualifying scores (89th percentile or higher) in MAP reading and MAP math will be contacted via email after October 9th with testing information for the Liberal Arts Academy. All applicants that do not have qualifying scores will be emailed letting them know they do not qualify to continue on with the application process.

    All private school applicants will be tested for placement in the program.

    All applicants must take the Academy placement tests. Testing will take place on two dates and invited students must attend each testing session. The first round of testing will be given Saturday, October 19th. The second round will be given Saturday, November 9th. All testing will be completed at Henry Clay High School. 

    Applicants who have taken the OLSAT during middle school may submit a copy of that score to the Academy Facilitator for consideration.

    Students who have the required three gifted scores upon the conclusion of placement testing will be offered placement in the Liberal Arts Academy via an email on January 13-14, 2020.

    Academy Facilitator - Catherine Stephens -


    Fayette County Public Schools
    Gifted/Talented Services
    701 East Main Street
    Lexington , Kentucky 40502
    (859) 381-4741
    Fax (859) 381-4248