Liberal Arts Academy Requirements

  • The curriculum for Liberal Arts Academy students is more rigorous than the Kentucky State requirements for graduation to ensure a strong background in the liberal arts. Students have required courses to take each year as part of their commitment to the Academy. The Academy also has several requirements beyond a specific schedule of courses.

    Students who complete all of these requirements successfully earn the Academy Medallion (bronze medallion to be worn at graduation) and graduate from the Liberal Arts Academy at Henry Clay. Hence, we refer to them as the Medallion Requirements. Students who do not meet the requirements may remain in the program, but will not receive the Medallion, will not participate in the Medallion Ceremony senior year, and will be graduates of Henry Clay High School only. Students who choose not to follow the required curriculum will be exited from the Liberal Arts Academy.

    Liberal Arts Academy Medallion Requirements



    Academy English 1

    Academy AP Seminar

    Academy AP US Government

    Academy AP World History

    Academy Biology

    Academy Chemistry

    Advanced Math

    Advanced/AP Math

    World Language

    World Language







    Academy AP Language & Composition

    Academy AP Literature & Composition

    Academy AP US History

    AP Research

    AP Physics 1

    AP/Dual Credit Math

    Advanced/AP Math

    AP Elective

    World Language

    Health/PE (can be taken during the summer or as an elective)


    Elective (Academy Mentoring optional)

     Academy Math Requirements

    • All students must take advanced, dual-credit or AP math classes each year they are enrolled. Students must be prepared to start in at least Adv. Geometry freshman year. If students do not have a successful Algebra 1 grade on their middle school transcript, they must take both Algebra 1 and Adv. Geometry freshman year.
    • Senior year students must be enrolled in a college-credit bearing math class (AP Calculus AB or BC, AP Statistics, or dual-credit math 150/170). AP Computer Science will only fulfill the math requirement for senior year if students have already taken AP Calculus AB.

    Academy English Requirements

    • All students will take four years of Academy English courses including Adv. Academy English 1, AP Academy Seminar, AP Academy Language & Composition, and AP Academy Literature.

    Academy Science Requirements

    • All students will take three years of science including Adv. Academy Biology, Adv. Academy Chemistry and AP Physics 1.

    Academy Social Studies Requirements

    • All students will take three years of Academy social studies including AP Academy US Government & Politics, AP Academy World History, and AP Academy US History.

    Academy World Language Requirements

    • All Academy students must take three consecutive years of the same world language. All students are strongly encouraged to take through the AP level of their world language.

    Other Academy Requirements

    • All students must earn a C or higher in each semester of each class in order to earn the Academy Medallion. Students failing to earn a C or higher may choose remediation, but it must be taken at the same level at which they failed, meaning Academy-specific classes must be repeated.
    • All students must take at least one AP elective course that does not fulfill their other requirements for the Academy medallion (i.e. a student who will take the AP level of their world language to meet their third year language requirement may not also count that as an AP elective). They may take this elective any year.
    • Students must take six, credit-bearing courses each school year.
    • Students must complete 20 hours of community service annually.
    • Students must take the PSAT, ACT or SAT every year (except senior year) and provide the score report to the Academy Facilitator.
    • Students must attend the monthly Academy class meetings. Students who have an unexcused absence must complete an additional two hours of community service to maintain medallion eligibility.
    • Senior students may choose to take Advanced Academy Senior Seminar (formerly Academic Mentoring) either during the day or as a zero hour class.

    All Academy-specific, core courses offer some form of acceleration, enrichment, or differentiation to meet the needs of gifted students.