Homeland Security

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    The Homeland Security Department at Eastside includes courses related to anti-terrorism and terrorism awareness, criminal justice, emergency management, emergency medical services, fire sciences, field based forensic sciences (CSI), and law enforcement. These courses are designed to prepare students for post-secondary education, military service, and the professional services.

    Students are required to participate in demanding physical training that follows standards established for law enforcement and fire fighting personnel.  This program has enhanced entry and retention requirements as well as an enhanced code of conduct.  A mandatory orientation session is also held prior to the start of the new school year.

    Students who successfully complete the program have the opportunity to earn up to six federal professional certifications.

    Fighting off an Attacker



    Practical relationships between law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services, private security and national security will be explored.  Extensive study and practical experience will occur in these three areas: emergency planning and response for various risks, threats, and hazards, and the integration and coordination of different public safety disciplines; federal, state, and local responsibilities; and the role of the private sector.

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    These courses are intended to prepare students to enter post-secondary programs that will lead to a career in public service as a firefighter and emergency management technician.  Course work includes physical training, introduction to firefighting equipment and use, fire behavior and combustion, fire investigation, fire protection system, and fire prevention.

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