Credits for Promotion

    • To Become a Sophomore:  6 Credits
    • To Become a Junior:         12 Credits
    • To Become a Senior:         18 Credits
    • To Graduate :                   26 Credits 


    Grade promotion is based on earning credits. 

    Scholars earn credits by passing classes with a 60% grade or higher. 

    Each class is worth 1/2 credit per semester.  (1/2 credit x 8 classes = 4 credits per semester)  Scholars have the opportunity to earn 8 credits each year since they can take 8 classes per year.  (4 credits 1st semester + 4 credits 2nd semester = 8 credits)


Skills Needed for Promotion

    • Participate in class
    • Listen and take notes
    • Use a Planner or Agenda to help organize test and project due dates 
    • Look over Notes to study for Tests and Quizzes 
    • Ask Questions 
    • Complete assignments
    • Turn in assignments on time - teachers don't like late work!
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