Early Entry to Kindergarten

  • Early entry into kindergarten is governed by law through KRS 158.030, and parents/guardians may petition a year in advance for early enrollment through Kentucky's public school districts. In Fayette County, families may fill out an application between Aug. 15 and Oct. 7.

    A child must turn 4 years old on or before Oct. 31 for assessment and observation opportunities. A parent/guardian must complete the online application (or obtain a paper application) to begin the process, and we must receive it by Oct. 7.

    After the application is in hand, early entrance to kindergarten is a two-step process.  

    1. Students showing a need for acceleration will be assessed, and they must obtain a 96 percentile on the kindergarten readiness exam to proceed. Testing will be the week of Oct. 25-29 in a one-on-one format at a district-assigned site.
    1. FCPS preschool specialists will conduct social/emotional readiness observations in November at the student’s districted elementary school in a kindergarten classroom setting. The student must score 75% to be considered for a possible placement. Families will be notified in mid-December if their student has met the eligibility requirements for early entrance to kindergarten for the following school year.

    Because of the timeline and multiple steps in the process, we are unable to accept any late applications.


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    Guide to Early Entry to Kindergarten

    Kindergarten application

    Paper applications are available in the district's Gifted & Talented office at 450 Park Place.

    Note: Families may also apply for the kindergarten programs at Maxwell Spanish Immersion Magnet Elementary and/or Dixie Magnet Elementary. Early entrance there depends on both the lottery placement and the early-entry kindergarten placement decision. The application window for Maxwell and Dixie runs Aug. 15 through Oct. 7: online application