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    UPDATE on Grade Sync Situation -- from FCPS OIT



    Grade Sync and Infinite Campus

    Unfortunately, the Grade Sync issues announced the other day have continued to spread. We are now getting reports that the manual sync through Gradebook has also become inconsistent for some teachers and classes in passing back student scores.  Our Canvas Support ticket has been escalated to their SIS team that deals with Infinite Campus integrations -- so Canvas is aware of the situation is trying to track down and correct the issue.

    In the meantime, do not be surprised to see discrepancies between scores in Canvas and those in Infinite Campus for any synced classes. Teachers, if you are experiencing issues with a particular class, etc. you may want to opt out of syncing for now and return to traditional grade entry in Infinite Campus. In that cas

    Thank you so much for your patience. This is the first time FCPS has experienced this issue with Grade Sync, so we expect Canvas to address these problems. 

    We will post an update once we have feedback. Until that time, assume that Grade Sync is not working correctly.



     This is a message for Fayette County Public Schools


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  • MMS NTI-2DL Schedule


    PDF version of the Morton NTI-2DL Schedule



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  • Morton Middle Fall Sports Schedules





    MMS Fall Sports Schedule 2020



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  • Charleston Wrap Fundraising MMS fundraiser


    THANK YOU for supporting Morton Middle School!


    Thanks to all of our amazing Charleston Wrap sellers, who to date have sold over $10,800 in just a few weeks’ time! Although the prizes earned for selling discontinued September 14, you can still earn money for Morton while offering friends and families a wide range of premium products at a wide range of prices. The online sale continues through December 7 to allow for holiday shopping as well.


    Remember our fundraiser is still online sales only, and we are asking you to help us sell 2 ways---order yourself and contact out of town friends or family as well. Perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings, and many more occasions. Online shopping is as easy as going to and entering Morton’s Organization ID # 19515. Once you’re logged in, you can access some great tools at your Check-In Spot to help you spread the word about the sale.


    All sales are online so please do not send orders to school. No door to door sales please. Each order placed ships directly to the purchaser. For more information, contact Mr. Williams at 859-381-3533 ext. 41402


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  • Prepare for NTI/2DL

    All secondary schools are moving to Canvas for their digital Learning Management System (LMS). This will limit students having to learn multiple systems. Canvas is very well-organized and allows for more creativity and engagement in lessons. It also interfaces with Infinite Campus, connects to district provided programs, provides due dates for assignments, and allows for easy communication between parent/teacher and teacher/student.

    FCPS has answered many questions about our fall 2020 learning opportunities in the Reenvisioning, Reimagining and Renewing Booklet.     

    Morton Leadership is committed to providing a daily schedule for delivery of instruction and expectations for teaching and learning. Upon approval of SBDM, we will share ​more specifics regarding the daily instructional schedule with our families. 

    A monthly newsletter will be distributed by the principal. Please be sure that your email addresses are accurate so that you do not miss out on vital information. 

    Tech help

    The district's Technology Department is staffing a help desk for families who need technical support with their child's FCPS account or Chromebook. Please call the Student Tech Support line, 381-4410, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. weekdays.


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  • Principal offers blog; Morton has new Twitter page 

    The Morton Mustang Way


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