Magnet Status

  • Maxwell Spanish Immersion Elementary is a magnet school and admission is by lottery. Students entering kindergarten or first grade the following school year may apply for admission. Fayette County Public School's Magnet Office handles all applications and controls admission to Maxwell. There are no entrance criteria, but spots are limited.

    Students can also enroll at Maxwell after first grade if they demonstrate grade-level proficiency in Spanish language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) as determined by assessments admnistered by Maxwell staff.

    The Spanish Immersion Program continues beyond Maxwell at Bryan Station middle and high schools, so your child will have an opportunity to continue through the Immersion Program through graduation. We strongly encourage families who are applying to Maxwell to continue their child's immersion education through 12th grade.

    Apply here

    Online application | The window typically is Aug. 15 to Oct. 7 for the following school year. It's not a first-come, first-served system. Applications may be submitted anytime during the window, and all receive equal consideration. For questions, call (859) 381-4741.

    Notification: All applicants will get word in mid-January that they are either accepted, wait-listed, or declined. If your family does not hear anything by the end of January, please email