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  • IDEA 17


    Blindfold Drawing Challenge!

    You'll need: paper, pencil, blindfold.

    Pick a category (animals, jobs, actions, feelins, places, etc.)

    One player wears a blindfold and has to draw something related to the category you picked.

    The partner player must guess what it is within 60 seconds!! (too easy? try in 30 sec)



    One drawer wearing the blindfold, and two guessers. Whoever guesses it first, will be the next "blind drawer".

    Blindfold challenge



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  • IDEA 16


    Draw a foldable surprise with "Art hub for Kids"

    Foldable surprise



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  • IDEA 15


    Exploring constellations! ✨💫🌟

    Use a piece of paper to draw the constellations posted under this line. Feel free to be creative with the colors of the stars.

    * If you have black paper, you can use white crayons to connect the stars, which can be also stickers from the dollar store.

    constellations 1 Constellations 2 Constellations 3



    Projecting your constellations.

    - 1. Draw your constellation (on card stock, if possible).

    - 2. Make holes where the stars go.

    - 3. Use a flashlight to project your constellation on the wall (get close to see it better!).

    Constellation holes



    Download the Sky View App (free) for Android or iOS and explore the constellations you drew before.




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  • IDEA 14


    Visit Disney World (and other 9 theme parks) on Google Earth

    On your phone/tablet: download Google Earth for IOS or Android.

    On a computer/laptop: just go to the Google Earth website.


    STEP 1: Open the app/website


    STEP 2: Go to "Voyager"


    STEP 3: Go to "Travel"


    STEP 4: Scroll down until you find "Theme Parks Around the World" (you can also look it up in the magnifier)

    Theme Parks

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  • IDEA 13


    Listen to radios around the world on "Radio Garden"

    Discover radios from remote places in the world, what kind of music they listen to & how their languages sound like.




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  • IDEA 12


    Make origami figures from the Origami-fun website and decorate them.

    There are 25 different options with video or picture instructions at 3 different levels.





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  • IDEA 11


    Make a Family Tree

    If you don't have paper pictures: design a family tree on a piece of paper, draw your family members and write their names underneath.

    If you have pictures in albums: make a giant family tree on the floor and cut out labels to name the members.




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  • IDEA 10


    Play "Word-Number Chain"

    - In a circle, players count by turns, one by one, up to 10.

    - The person who says "ten" must change a number by a word. I.e.: change "3" by "dog"

    - Start over with the new rule: "one", "two", "dog", "four", "five",...

    - The game ends when all the letters have been changed. If a player gets it wrong, he/she's out of the game or you can just start over without eliminating players.

    - I was too easy? Try up to 20!





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  • IDEA 9


    Play "Word Chains"

    1. Pick a theme (fruits, animals, places, food, jobs...)
    2. Start the word chain saying the first word. Example: Theme – types of fruit. First word in the chain: Apple.
    3. The second person will have to repeat the chain, and add a unique word that fits the category. Example: Apple, Watermelon.
    4. Each person will have 30 seconds after correcting reciting the chain to add another new word.
    5. The chain is broken when a player cannot correctly recite the chain or can’t think of a word to add to it within 30 seconds.




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  • IDEA 8


    Draw an elephant and his pig balloon.

    More step-by-step (and video) tutorials at Drawinghowtodraw




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  • IDEA 7


    Play "Where is Carmen Sandiego?: The Crown Jewels Caper" on Google Earth

    On your phone/tablet: download Google Earth for IOS or Android.

    On a computer/laptop: just go to the Google Earth website.


    STEP 1: Open the app/website


    STEP 2: Go to "Voyager"


    STEP 3: Go to "Games"


    STEP 4: Have Fun!




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  • IDEA 6


    Watch the latest Liberty play: "The Jungle Book".


    Jungle book



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  • IDEA 5


    Look at old pictures where you (parents) were kids or your student was a baby or a toddler.


    Family seeing pictures



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  • IDEA 4


    Paper airplane race.

    Make one airplane per person, color them to make them look nice and make them fly!


    Paper airplane



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  • IDEA 3


    Play charades!

    Download the app to your phone and play!

    If you can't download it, write 15 different animals (or jobs, movies, actions, places) in a piece of paper, cut them out and put them in a bag. One person shows them, one (or more) acts and another one guesses. Quickly! You only have 1min to guess as many as you can!!





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  • IDEA 2


    Flamingo contest! Let's see who can stand longer on just one foot!


    Stand Flamingo



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  • IDEA 1


    Treasure Hunt

    Hide something in your house, draw a map and have your kid finding it. You can take turns.

    * Variation: write a sentence, every word on a different piece of paper. Hide them, mark them on the map and have your kid collecting the pieces and putting the sentence together.




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