• Each full year of a class offers one full credit for each student to earn.
    • In the Fall Semester a 1/2 credit can be earned, and in the Spring Semester another 1/2 credit can be earned.
    • Part A of a course is only offered in the Fall, and Part B is only offered in the Spring.
    • Part A of a course is required before taking Part B in most courses because course content builds.
    • Per State Math Standards, all students must be enrolled in a physical math class every year.
    • Study Hall, Teachers Aide, Credit Recovery block do not offer credit or grades.
    • All students must take an Academy Pathway Elective each year unless their pathway is already completed.
    • You MUST be enrolled in at least 5 courses to receive KEES money for the year (Co-op; EBCE, Work study – can only count as 1 course)
    • You MUST be enrolled and passing at least 6 courses to be eligible to play sports.
    • The following are not recognized by NCAA for eligibility:Plato & Odysseyware courses, Eschool Courses, College Prep math, Dual credit math.
    • When repeating a class for GPA increase, the repeated course must be the same exact class at the exact same LEVEL as the previous class.
    • Credit can not be earned for the same class more than once, even if they are at different levels. Band, Choir, and Orchestra are exceptions.
    • Pre-College Curriculum (PCC) – for many Universities includes: 2 yrs.of the same Foreign Language.  Some colleges outside of KY require Chemistry and/or Physics. Algebra 2 is required for most colleges.


    Important Dates to Know for Schedule Changes:

    1st semester date 2022-23

    • Last date to change schedule-  Friday, 9/2
    • Last date to drop a class without an F- Friday, 9/23
    • Last date to change course level- Friday,10/14

    2nd semester date- 2022-23

    • Last date to change schedule- Wednesday,1/25
    • Last date to drop a class without an F- Wednesday, 2/15
    • Last date for a course level change -  Wednesday, 3/8

    ADD/DROP Schedule Changes Requests will NOT be considered for:

    • Elective Preferences
    • Teacher Preferences
    • Failure to complete summer assignments/reading for IB courses
    • Lunch Preferences (unless there is a documented medical reason )



     Add/Drop Form to Request a Schedule Change


    Peer Tutoring Contract (requires teacher, parent, and principal approval)

    Pre-IB & IB Student Contract and Intent Form/Application     

    Technical School Applications:  Southside & Eastside Application and Locust Trace Application 

    Yearbook 1 and 2 Application - also requires teacher approval from Mrs. Suttles.



    23-24 TCHS Course Description Directory - Class descriptions and useful info.

    Odsseyware Login Instructions (for students in Credit Recovery or Digital Learning with Mr. Yates)

    Odysseyware Course List- for Credit Recovery/Failed Courses

    New Course Titles and Old Course Titles for CTE Classes- Name Changes for Career and Technical Courses and old class titles to reference


    2010 New Math Standards for Kentucky:

    Starting with the class of 2011-2012 every student must take a Math course every year.  Students are required to complete at minimum Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2.


    2022-2023 Scheduling Information By Grade level: 

    *Look at your upcoming grade level info not current grade level info.