SCAPA at Bluegrass

School for the Creative and Performing Arts

  • Common Questions and Answers

    Who is eligible to apply?

    Any student, grades 3 - 7, who is a resident of Fayette County.  Non-Fayette County residents are not eligible for this program.

    Can I audition in more than one arts area?

    Students are allowed to audition in only ONE (1) arts area.

    Do I have to have taken private lessons in my arts area?

    No.  Students are not required to have had formal training in any of the arts areas prior to applying for SCAPA.

    How are students selected for the school?

    Students are selected for SCAPA based solely upon the results of their audition and recommendations.  No minimum grades or conduct are required for admission.

    When are application materials available? 

    Application materials will be available from August 15 to October 7 of each school year

    How do I apply?

    To apply for SCAPA Bluegrass, begin the process by completing the Fayette County Gifted/Talented Application and returning the application to the Gifted/Talented Office no later than October 7th  The application can be obtained and submitted on-line at or by contacting the Gifted/Talented Office at 381-4741.

    In addition, all SCAPA Bluegrass applicants are asked to submit a minimum of one (1) Recommendation Form (Due October 25th) and a Parent Questionnaire (Due October 20th).  The forms can be accessed on the SCAPA website ( or by contacting Carla Pleasant, the SCAPA GT Facilitator, at 859-381-3338 or by email at

    UPDATE: The Recommendation Forms and Parent Questionnaire are now Google Forms and must be submitted electronically using any device with internet access (computer, cell phone, Chromebook, tablet)!  No more mailing or emailing forms!!

    Applicants will be assigned an audition date and time after the close of the application window.  Applicants are STRONGLY encouraged to complete all Google Form requirements (Parent Questionnaire and Recommendation Form) prior to the audition date.

    What happens after I complete the application process?

    Every student who has a complete file (on-line application, parent questionnaire and at least one recommendation letter) will be scheduled for an audition.  Once all documentation has been received by the deadlines, a letter is sent to each applicant indicating the date and time of their audition and what the student needs to do to prepare for the audition.  Students auditioning in Visual Art will also receive an art assignment to be completed prior to the audition.

    On the day of the audition,

    • Please bring any prepared materials with you as instructed in the audition letter, and
    • Have fun and do your very best!

    What happens after I complete the audition?

    After all auditions are complete, the SCAPA arts faculty will meet to determine the offers of placement.  

    Middle School Results (current 5th, 6th, 7th grade) will be emailed on January 12, 2022

    Elementary School Results (current 3rd, 4th grade) will be emailed on January 14, 2022

    How many slots are available each year?

    The number of available slots, by next year's grade level, is as follows: 

    • 4th grade - 54
    • 5th grade - 0 (a current student must leave the school for an opening to occur)
    • 6th grade - 2
    • 7th grade - 0  (a current student must leave the school for an opening to occur)
    • 8th grade - 0 (a current student must leave the school for an opening to occur)

    Should an opening occur after the initial February offerings, the SCAPA arts faculty will review the completed auditions and submit the name of the selected student to the Gifted/Talented Office in order to fill the vacancy. Openings may happen at any time prior to the beginning of the school year.

    How are the arts classes worked into the regular school day?

    SCAPA students balance arts classes with academic classes on a daily basis. All students attend academic classes in all core subjects on a daily basis.  In addition, elementary students take class in their arts major three (3) days per week and also take classes each day in a different arts area (i.e. Monday - Art, Tuesday - Dance, Wednesday - Drama, etc.). Middle school students take class in their arts major each school day, take class in an arts minor three (3) days per week, and take an arts elective course two (2) days per week.

    In order to accommodate the additional arts classes, SCAPA Bluegrass operates on an extended day schedule.  School begins at 8:25 a.m. and ends at 3:45 p.m.

    How many students attend SCAPA?

    SCAPA has an enrollment cap of 276 students. There are two classes of 27 in both 4th and 5th grades and two classes of 28 in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.

    May I come and visit SCAPA?

    Students who are interested in applying for the program and their families are encouraged to attend the Fall Audition/Application Informational Meeting so that they may meet and talk with the arts teachers and see the building.  In order to minimize classroom interruptions or distractions and to preserve the quality of the learning environment, individual visits are not encouraged; however, appointments may be made to meet with the facilitator of SCAPA, Carla Pleasant, by phoning 381-3338.