SCAPA at Bluegrass

School for the Creative and Performing Arts

  • How Auditions are Scored

    SCAPA utilizes a multi-step tabulation process:

    • ALL scoring rubrics will be submitted to the SCAPA Facilitator at the end of each day of auditions, with individual score sheets tallied and each judge signing their respective score sheets.
    • The SCAPA Facilitator will validate and tabulate all scores for every child who auditions.  A non-biased second tabulator will be added to verify final scores as being accurate.
    • Once all scores are tabulated and entered into the audition spreadsheet, the SCAPA teachers will be informed as to the results (by name of child/by grade level).

    SCAPA Auditions will be scored as follows:

    • 60 points - Audition
    • 25 points - Recommendation Received (Minimum of 1)
    • 15 points - Parent Questionnaire Received
    • 100 points = Total Score

    Please note that "potential" will no longer be a separate score as part of the total scoring process. Students will be evaluated on the demonstration of their ability in the arts area in which they are auditioning. Potential is inherent in the process and will no longer be scored separately.

    Students will be rank-ordered based upon their Total Score.

    SCAPA Bluegrass uses the following Scoring Guides to score the individual audition areas:




    Contemporary Dance

    Drama (Revised August 2021) 

    Literary Arts



    Vocal Music