• 2022 SCAPA Bluegrass Audition Requirements

    SCAPA Visual Art  (Current Grades 3-7) - Requirements

    1. Art Portfolio (Upload via Secure Google Form - sent two weeks prior to audition date)

      1. 5-7  pieces in a variety of media, must be recent work (preferably within the last 6 months).  Please avoid duplication of subject matter.  

    2. Art Drawing Assignment (Upload via Secure Google Form - sent two weeks prior to audition date) 

      1. An art drawing assignment will be emailed to the address(es) on the application 2 weeks prior to the scheduled audition date.  There will be 3 drawing exercises on this assignment.  Further instructions will be given at that time.

    3. On-Demand Art Work (Completed at the Audition)

      1. Students will be using graphite/pencil to create a drawing based upon specific instructions given to them at that time.

    4. The Audition Committee will evaluate on the variety of images, medium and use of color.  Student work must be their own work (no traced artwork will be accepted).

    Ballet/Contemporary Dance Auditions (Current Grades 3-7)

    Students will meet in groups of 8-10 with the audition committee.  During this meeting, they will be taken through several warm-up exercises, learn a dance combination/phrase and will be required to perform this on the spot.  Students will also be asked to demonstrate improvisational skills.  The audition will last approximately 90 minutes.

    Suggested dance practice clothes: girls - leotard and tights; boys – solid color pants and tee shirt. Both may wear either ballet or jazz shoes or go barefoot. Hair must be pulled back and securely fastened for girls.


    Bluegrass applicants must submit 1 Personal Choice Video and 4 Photos showing alignment and strength. You will upload the Video and Photographs to a Google Form that will be emailed to you 2 weeks prior to your audition date/time.

    Personal Choice Video

    • One 60-90 second video of the student performing a dance solo in the style of their choice (can be any style of dance, using any style of music).

      • Record your audition in a space that is safe for dancing.  Please ensure the space is safe for movement by removing any objects that might impede or limit your performance.  Do not record facing into a mirror.
      • The filming should be videotaped straight on in landscape mode.  

    Photos (Links below)

    SCAPA Band Auditions (Current Grades 3 - 7) - Requirements

    1. Each student may audition on the band instrument of their choice.  The student should prepare two pieces of contrasting styles (fast/slow or from different time periods).  Also, the student should be able to play several Major scales (Current Grades 5-7 only).

    2. Sight-reading will be a part of the audition.

    3. Memorization of the music is optional.

    4. The prepared pieces should demonstrate the student’s best performance qualities. 

    5. The student will be evaluated on their performance and potential ability

    6. PLEASE NOTE: NO accompaniment should be used.  Students must perform a cappella.

    SCAPA Drama Auditions (Current Grades 3 - 7) - Requirements

    We are seeking students who are interested in theatre performance and who are able to demonstrate an ability to create believable and honest characters through a prepared monologue, cold readings, and improvisations. We are looking to see students ability to perform with courage, energy, commitment, and honesty; and to shape a character using variations in physicality (ie. shape, energy, tension), vocal elements (ie. pitch, tempo, tone) and creativity. In short, we want students to demonstrate an understanding of character, collaboration with peers and teachers, and to communicate a desire to learn more about the vast world of theatre. 

    Each student should be prepared to perform the following: 

    • Monologue, 1-2 minute memorized (Prepared prior to the audition)
      • Choose a character appropriate for your age  
      • Choose a monologue that has a clear beginning middle and end that allow us to see levels in the character 
      • Think about physical and vocal variety while developing the character 
      • PLEASE AVOID Shakespeare, dialects/accents, and poems 
    • Cold Reading Scene Work - You will be able to read through the scene with your assigned partner before performing. 
    • Large and small group improvisations 
    • Character Movement Exploration  
    • Voice, body and imagination warm ups

    SCAPA Literary Arts Auditions (Current Grades 3 - 7) - Requirements

    Students auditioning in the area of Literary Arts should submit one short story or personal narrative via the secure Audition Site link that will be emailed to you two weeks prior to your scheduled audition date.

    Students will access a Google form for their live on-demand writing assignment. Students will type their name in the Google form and do all your writing in the form. If desired, students will be provided pencil and paper to complete their audition on-demand writing assignment.  Students are not penalized if they choose to hand-write their on-demand assignment.

    The audition will last up to one hour. 

    SCAPA Piano Auditions (Current Grades 3 - 7) - Requirements

    1. Each student will be asked to perform two (2) pieces of contrasting style. Current Grades 3-4: one from memory; Current Grades 5 - 7: both from memory.

    2. Students should choose music that reflects their technical and interpretive abilities.

    3. Each student must bring three photocopies of each piece to be played for the judges’ use.  We will not return the photocopies but will shred them upon completion of the audition day.

    4. Each student will be required to sight read a short selection.

    SCAPA Strings Auditions (Current Grades 3 - 7) - Requirements

    1. A student may audition in the area of strings on violin, viola, cello or bass. NOTE: SCAPA does not have a guitar program at this time.

    2. Each student should prepare two short pieces of contrasting styles or one piece that shows more than one style.  

    3. These prepared pieces should demonstrate the student’s best performance qualities. 

    4. Memorization of the music is optional. 

    5. Sight reading will also be a part of the audition.

    6. PLEASE NOTE: NO accompaniment should be used.  Students must perform a cappella.

     SCAPA Vocal Music Auditions (Current Grades 3 - 7) - Requirements

     1.Singers should prepare one piece of their choosing in one of the following styles:

    • Classical
    • Spiritual
    • Folk Song
    • Musical Theatre (age appropriate)

    *The song selection should be memorized and age appropriate.*

    2. Singers will be led through vocal exercises to determine range ability.

    3. Singers will be asked to echo melodic patterns to check pitch matching ability.

    4. Singers will be asked to echo body percussion patterns to check rhythmic ability.

    5. PLEASE NOTE: Live piano accompanists are NOT allowed. Singers may provide pre-recorded accompaniment using a digital player or CD. Singers may also sing acapella (unaccompanied). 

    6. Pop songs are NOT appropriate styles for this audition