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    First 5 Lex -- Read, Talk and Play from Cradle to Kindergarten -- was developed by Fayette County Public Schools in partnership with early childhood professionals from across our community. It's in response to concerns about school readiness.

    This initiative gives families and caregivers access to information about early learning and connects them to fun, stimulating, age-appropriate activities that will support their young child’s development and learning. Children’s early experiences, from birth to age 5, are critical to their brain development and lifelong learning. The brain undergoes its most rapid development in the first three years of life, and 90 percent of a child's brain develops before age 5.

    The goal of First 5 Lex is to communicate how crucial these early years are to building children’s brains, language, and vocabulary -- all of which are necessary for success in school and in life.

    Parent/caregiver interactions with a young child are the key. What we need to do to prepare our children for school is actually simple and fun: Read, Talk and Play!

    For more information, visit the First 5 Lex site

    Web tip: The URL shortcut to this district page is fcps.net/first5lex

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