Autism Support Center

  • Our mission: Through evidenced-based programming, Fayette County Public Schools will empower and inspire individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to grow and develop their abilities to foster independence, be prepared for college or career, and engage fully in their communities and be ready to excel in a global society.

    Strategic plan:

    • Evaluation of best practices: Given professional learning and coaching, the team will increase the number of highly qualified personnel evaluating and identifying the needs of learners with ASD.

    • Building capacity in our schools: Given systematic tiers of support, the team will increase the number of teachers implementing evidence based practices (EBPs) with fidelity as measured by professional learning data and the Foundational 5 Program Essentials Data Tool.

    • Family and community involvement: Given family networking and training opportunities, families will feel supported and confident regarding the quality of services and supports provided to their children as measured by attendance records, feedback forms, and annual survey.

    Resource: Family Support for Children with Autism

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  • Contact us

    Tanya Sturgill,
    elementary autism resource specialist
    (859) 381-4230

    Tracy DeSpain
    secondary autism resource specialist
    (859) 381-4247

    Amy Detjen,
    autism assessment specialist
    (859) 381-4080

    Adam Liechty,
    Special Education administrator
    (859) 381-4334