• The Kentucky Department of Education’s Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP) uses project-based learning principles to empower student learning and achievement. STLP provides a means for students to design, make, connect and learn through technology utilization and creation of original digital content.

    Student products, projects, and services are showcased through local, regional, and state events. The “Big 3” events include Regionals, DPOJ, and STLP State Championship. In addition, FCPS hosts their own SPARK event in the Spring.

    Open and available to every K-12 student in Kentucky, STLP is more than a club… it’s your whole school!

STLP Goals

    • Empowered Learners leverage technology and take an active role in selecting their own learning goals and ways to demonstrate competency.

    • Digital Citizens exercise responsibilities and opportunities of learning in a digital world by demonstrating safe, legal and ethical choices.

    • Knowledge Constructors critically curate a variety of digital tools to design, make, connect and share digital artifacts that make learning meaningful.

    • Innovative Designers use a variety of technologies within a design process to identify and solve problems by creating new and imaginative solutions.

    • Computational Thinkers develop and employ strategies for identifying and understanding problems using methods that develop and test solutions.

    • Creative Communicators clearly express themselves creatively using platforms, tools, styles and digital media that are appropriate to their learning goals.

    • Global Collaborators use digital tools to broaden their perspectives and enrich their learning by collaborating effectively locally and globally.

    • Environment Builders give opportunities to access, explore & share digital tools to develop/grow a culture of equity, innovation & leadership.

  • Web tip: The URL shortcut to this page is fcps.net/stlp