Family Care Center

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    Parent Education Program

    FCC Mission: To empower students to graduate high school as confident parents who have the skills needed to maintain family stability and pursue individual goals.

    FCC Vision: Family Care Center students will earn a high school diploma, understand the value of learning, and be able to pass that on to their children. Students will gain parenting skills needed to meet their child’s needs and maintain family stability. Students will gain life skills and community connections needed to maintain healthy relationships, positive mental and emotional health, and achieve career goals.

    Students at the Family Care Center will receive:

    • Small class sizes and individualized support from FCPS teachers
    • Individualized case management support and goal setting with a licensed social worker
    • Weekly prenatal and parenting classes taught by social workers using evidenced-based curriculum
    • Weekly life skills classes focused on career/college readiness, healthy relationships, positive mental health, and sexual health
    • Access to FCC’s 5-Star rated Early Child Care Program while students are in school
    • FCPS bus transportation for the student and their child
    • Opportunities for bonding and parenting practice with their child, such as Music Matters and Story Time
    • A variety of seminars to increase awareness of and access to community resources
    • Close proximity to their child to support breastfeeding mothers

    Optional services include:

    • One-on-one parenting intervention and access to Parent-Child Interaction Therapy sessions with their child
    • Referrals and connections to other services commonly used by young mothers, including HANDS, intensive case management, Step By Step, KVC, SNAP, Medicaid, WIC, etc.
    • Students are dually enrolled and may participate in extracurricular activities at their districted high school (sports, prom, clubs, etc.). 


    New students and guardians must complete an in-person interview with Program Manager Vanna Armstrong. To start the process, call (859) 288-4045 to schedule, submit a student application, or submit a new student referral. Students who are already parenting must inquire about space in the Early Child Care program and apply for childcare assistance (CCAP) before starting school. Details and guidance will be provided directly to the student/family.

    • To schedule a tour or meeting to answer questions, call Program Manager Vanna Armstrong at (859) 288-4045.
  • About the Family Care Center

    The Parent Education Program is under the LFUCG Division of Family Services and housed in the Family Care Center (FCC) along with several other programs serving families with young children. Family Care Center was founded as a community-based solution to the challenges faced by young families, and has partnered with Fayette County Public Schools since the beginning. We are proud to have many strong community partnerships that allow us to offer high quality services to our clients. 

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