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    Parent Education Program

    Mission: To partner with and empower young parents pursuing high school education through the development of parenting skills, life skills, and community connections. 

    The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government’s (LFUCG) Parent Education Program partners with Fayette County Public Schools to provide high school education and social services intervention to young parents and expectant youth ages 13 to 20. The students also participate in parenting and life skills classes designed to prepare them for their future as a parent and provider. Notable:

    • All students with children are required to enroll their children in the Early Child Care Program.
    • LFUCG contracts with FCPS to provide daily bus transportation for students and their children.
    • While enrolled in our program, students may still participate in extracurricular activities at their districted high school (sports, prom, clubs, etc.).
    • Student leave form (for absences)


    Please call program manager Vanna Armstrong at (859) 288-4045 to schedule an interview. Students must complete this application before the in-person meeting:


    This program places a high value on education and teaches that when a young parent reaches their educational goals, they will be more prepared to meet social-emotional and physical needs of themselves and their children. This program believes that the overall health of the young parent must be nurtured to achieve true family stability and resilience, including healthy relationships, mental health, parenting skills and confidence, and career goals. Individualized support in all domains is a core value, acknowledging that all students learn differently and will have their own parenting journey. 

    Program overview

    The Parent Education Program is within the LFUCG Division of Family Services and housed in the Family Care Center (FCC) along with several other programs serving families with young children. All students are dually enrolled in the FCC Parent Education Program and their FCPS districted high school.

    While enrolled, students participate in parenting and life skills classes designed to prepare them for their future as a parent and provider for their family. Some of these classes include parenting, career/college readiness, healthy relationships, positive mental health, sexual health, and a variety of seminars to increase awareness of and access to community resources for students and their families.

    The Parent Education Program works closely with the FCC Early Child Care Program to support the mission of family stability and resilience. All students with children are required to enroll their children in the Early Child Care Program.  

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    Jennifer Spencer
    FCPS program director,
    (859) 246-4370, ext. 4364

    Nena Middleton,
    attendance specialist
    (859) 246-4370, ext. 4363

    Counselor: Haley Hall

    Teachers: Sarah Collins-RobertsSharla GrossSarah Parsons (ELL), Pashia Spalding (JAG), and Juliet Sither

    Vanna Armstrong,
    Parent Education Program manager,
    (859) 288-4045 

    Clerical support, (859) 288-4057

    Social worker: Robin Wilkerson, (859) 288-4015

    Social worker: Ronica Whitlock, (859) 288-4019

    1135 Harry Sykes Way

    School hours:
    8 a.m. to 2:55 p.m.

    At the district level

    Mark Sellers
    high schools office,
    (859) 381-4233


    The Parent Education Program strives to reward students for good grades, attendance, demonstration of parenting skills, and exemplary behavior or character through various incentives. If you wish to donate, please see our wish list.

    The program engages community resources and volunteers in numerous ways to increase students’ community connections. If you wish to share your time, talents, or expertise for the benefit of our program and our students, please view the volunteer options.