Giving Medication to Students

  • All medication for students should be given at home whenever possible. However, if given at school, the medication will be administered by trained, unlicensed FCPS personnel. In order for school staff to administer any type of medication to your child, we must have a signed medication authorization form on file. As a reminder, the first dose of any new mediation should not be given at school.

    Before sending any medication to school, please follow these directions:

    • The medication must be sent to school in the original container with the prescription label attached.
    • Medications should be brought to school by the parent/guardian and will be counted with a trained FCPS staff member.
    • All controlled medication will be kept and administered by school personnel.
    • Parents are urged to consult their physicians to schedule medication to be given before and/or after school.
    • At the end of the school year, you will be asked to pick up any unused medication. Any meds that are not picked up will be appropriately disposed of by school staff and a witness.
    • Medication may be given 30 minutes before to 30 minutes after the time it is due. Any change from this requires a physician order.
    • If a medication is stopped before the date indicated on the prescription, you must send notification to school in writing.
    • The medication authorization form is valid through the end of the school year or until the medication, dose, time or frequency changes, at which time a new form will need to be completed.

    Over-the-counter medications follow the above rules, but they must be accompanied by a physician order since they do not have a prescription label.

    Any meds that the student will handle himself require a self-medication authorization form signed by the parent/guardian and the doctor.

    If daily medication, EpiPens, inhalers, Diastat, or Glucagon are to be taken on a field trip, a trained FCPS staff member must accompany the student if a parent/guardian is not available to attend. Daily medication and emergency medication administration trainings are offered at the beginning of the school year and are good for one academic year.


    Forms via the health department


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