High School Guidance Counselor

  • Ongoing activities: Orientation of new students and parents, individual academic advisement conferences for students, parent-teacher conferences; personal, social, crisis and career counseling; mentoring programs, guidance record maintenance, maintenance of credit sheets for each student in each grade, staff development, providing parents with community resources, referrals to community resources and consultation with outside agencies, coordinating efforts with other school staff, consultation and referrals: Parents, teachers, administrators and community; student monitoring, with parent follow-up; Student Individual Graduation Plan enhancement, preparation of applications: National Merit, National Achievement, college admissions and other scholarships; coordination of college recruitment and in-school visits, college recommendation letters, college scholarship and financial aid information, coordination of college tours, providing technical school information, small student group scheduling, Advanced Placement course emphasis, partnering with businesses and educational institutions, coordinating the Gifted and Talented Services; coordination of K-PREP, AP, ACT, SAT, PSAT and PLAN, including interpretation of test scores to provide information about student abilities, achievement, interests and needs; enrolling and withdrawing students, overseeing implementation of the 504 plans, incentive/recognition/awards program, Talent Search program and Upward Bound, providing school profile information, U.K. minority field trip, Governor's Scholars Program, Governor's School for the Arts program, Commonwealth Diploma transcript verification, prepare rank-in-class for seniors, prepare list of retained students, advise students who need to attend summer school/extended school services and prepare referrals and applications.

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