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    Progress is not inevitable. 

    It is the result of choices we make together.

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  • Vision

    Fayette County Public Schools will be a global leader in the three pillars of sustainability: environmental literacy, energy efficiency, and student wellness.


    To empower students to create change through enduring improved sustainability by equipping school and community stakeholders with the tools and knowledge to protect our natural, human, and fiscal resources.

    Our approach:

    • Embrace a student-driven model
    • Create mindful engagement of diverse stakeholders and ideas
    • Utilize data-driven monitoring to inform decisions
    • Provide purposeful, continuous, comprehensive support to students, teachers, and staff.

    Our goals:

    • Educate students, staff, and community on the sustainable use of energy and the importance of energy efficiency;
    • Reduce the our environmental impact through the sustainable use of natural resources;
    • Reduce energy consumption in all buildings through sustainable practices so that district funds can be redirected for other uses;
    • Empower administrators to make sustainable decisions that favorably impact the use of energy at their site;
    • Build robust and lasting relationships between FCPS and community partners;
    • Promote energy awareness and stimulate sustainable energy-efficient behaviors among all occupants and users;
    • Engage students in active responsible citizenship through sustainable activities;
    • Increase student achievement;
    • Encourage the sustainable use of school facilities as a hands-on learning lab;
    • Provide leadership opportunities to students;
    • Teach real-life skills that promote sustainable and energy-efficient behaviors that students will take home; and
    • Promote FCPS as sustainable and responsible stewards of the environment and of community tax dollars.  

    Our flagship initiative for students is E=USE2 (Education leads to Understanding Sustainability, Energy and the Environment), which is a six-step program that guides hands-on investigations of energy data, energy awareness campaigns, and school improvement projects.

    FCPS has also adopted green building practices in all our construction and renovation projects to ensure that our schools are environmentally friendly. In addition, FCPS is an Energy Star partner -- committed to reducing consumption.

    Web tip: The URL shortcut to this page is fcps.net/sustainability

  • Contact us

    Tresine Logsdon,
    energy and sustainability curriculum coordinator
    (859) 619-6472

    Logan Poteat,
    energy engineer
    (859) 619-6635