Homebound & Hospital Services

  • School board policy on home/hospital instruction


    Homebound students

    Homebound instruction is for students who cannot attend school for extended periods because of illness, injuries, or chronically recurring physical or mental conditions as verified by a licensed professional. Students are expected to be out of school five or more school days. Applications must be approved by the Homebound committee. Students who receive services for disabilities will also need approval of the ARC/504 committee.

    Homebound/hospital application | application in Spanish

    Homebound students receive two one-hour sessions a week during daytime school hours. Labs and foreign language classes are not provided.

    Students are expected to return to their school when their physician allows it.

    Hospitalized students

    Educational services are provided for students who are in the hospital for extended periods. FCPS teachers provide instruction to students on site at Shriners Hospital, UK Children's Hospital, Samaritan Hospital, Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital, and Ridge Behavioral Health.

    Homebound/hospital applicationapplication in Spanish

    Mental health verification

    For mental health conditions, pursuant to KRS 159.030, homebound applications must be recommended and signed by either a licensed psychologist or a psychiatrist.  Any homebound application submitted for mental health conditions will be denied without the appropriate signatures.

    Please return applications to:
    Jennifer Spencer
    c/o Audrey Grevious Center, 
    1177 Harry Sykes Way, Room 504
    Lexington KY 40504
    or fax to (859) 231-1213

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