• These jobs require specific experience and training. Such positions include principals, associate principals, directors, assistant directors, and coordinators of special programs.


Supplemental Duties

  • FCPS also offers extra jobs that are above and beyond the contracted employment with the school district. Both academic and athletic supplemental duties have specific requirements. Principals at each school determine these assignments.



  • These jobs require, by law, a state-issued teaching certificate. These include such positions as teacher, librarian, guidance counselor, school psychologist, speech therapist, and dean of students.

    The Education Professional Standards Board issues and renews certificates for all Kentucky teachers and administrators. The Kentucky Department of Education's registry of certified vacancies lists jobs across the state, including Fayette County.



  • These positions do not require a teaching certificate. Hourly jobs include such areas as custodial worker, food service worker, instructional assistant, police officer, and after-school program staff. Salaried positions include jobs like occupational therapist, employment training specialist, and Family Resource Center coordinator. In general, salaried positions require at least a bachelor's degree.