Blueprint for Student Success

  • Superintendent's plan for achieving educational excellence and equity for all

    In late spring 2016, FCPS Superintendent Manny Caulk outlined eight pillars of support and added 100 strategies to the district’s “to-do” list as he unveiled the results of his “Listening, Learning and Leading” entry plan. “This is an exciting day because it represents the next phase of our work,” he said. 

    Caulk’s report synthesized independent consultants' findings with his own assessment of the district and previous experience, and outlined specifics that FCPS would undertake immediately to improve student outcomes. “These will help us deliver on our promise that all students receive the best education possible,” he said. “There’s no cherry-picking – you have to be ‘all in.’ Our students deserve that.”

    Action plan

    Overview: Caulk's prepared remarks from the kickoff news conference (May 25, 2016)

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  • Independent reviews

    At its May 23, 2016, regular meeting, the school board heard the results of the first-ever external reviews commissioned in FCPS to look at the district's overall organization and structure across 10 domains, as well as audits of the career and technical education program, and services offered for students who have special needs, are learning English as a second language, or are identified as gifted and talented. Board members also received the findings of FCPS surveys and listening sessions. These reports include qualitative and quantitative data from nationally recognized experts, and collectively provide a road map for student success.

    "It’s fitting that we have the culmination of the school year coinciding with a new beginning and a new path forward for our district," Caulk said. "Kudos to our Fayette County Board of Education for making this investment in the future of Fayette County’s students."

    Principals, teachers, district administrators, parents, and community representatives served on panels to evaluate the 17 proposals received by companies interested in conducting the district reviews. Each of the audits also included substantial input from students, staff, families, and community partners, in addition to those who participated in the entry plan survey and the listening sessions. In all, nearly 13,000 people lent their voices to this initiative, which serves as the foundation for the superintendent’s action plan.

    "This work gets at the core of our moral imperative, which is to accelerate students who are reaching proficiency while also challenging our students who are proficient and above to reach global competency," Caulk said. "Our ultimate mission is to ensure that all students graduate prepared to succeed in college, career, and life in a global society."

    Caulk's entry plan: Listening, Learning, and Leading (August 2015)