PTA Bylaws & Procedures

  • COVID-19 impact / Virtual general membership meetings

    The Kentucky PTA Board of Directors understands that with the COVID-19 pandemic and the changes made to ensure everyone’s safety, it might not be feasible for PTAs/PTSAs to have in- person meetings. Access to some school buildings is limited as well as the ability to have enough people present to have quorum. With that in mind, the Kentucky PTA has voted to allow all local unit PTAs/PTSAs to hold their general membership meetings virtually.

    Each PTA must follow the same guidelines as if the meeting were in person:

    • Notice must be given to your general membership as per your bylaws.
    • An agenda must be created and shared with those This can be done via screen share if needed.
    • Minutes must be taken and retained for the PTA/PTSA records.
    • Treasurer’s report must be given as per PTA policy.
    • You must have quorum per your bylaws. 

    The Kentucky PTA has imposed the following stipulations in order for any local unit to host a virtual general meeting:

    • This is only for the 2020-21 school year.
    • All general virtual meetings should be held on Google Meets, Zoom, or a similar platform that allows everyone to hear and ask questions.
    • A dial-in option should be available for anyone without internet connection (both Zoom and Google Meets allow for this). If you have people who have dialed in, please go over in detail the agenda if it were screen shared. 

    As the pandemic subsides and PTA/PTSA are allowed to resume in-person meetings in school buildings, the Kentucky PTA will allow each local unit Executive Board to decide if (A) it will continue hosting only virtual meetings, or (B) it will have virtual meetings concurrent with in-person general meetings so those who are immune-compromised can participate. 

    If you have any questions, please email the Kentucky PTA or call (502) 226-6607.


    Each PTA is governed by a set of bylaws or rules that the group must follow. Any questions should be referred to the district bylaws chair.

    Standing rules

    Standing rules are the procedures of the organization or general policies not included in the bylaws. These rules cannot conflict with the bylaws.