Measures of Academic Progress

  • Fayette County Public Schools uses MAP tests (Measures of Academic Progress) for all students in kindergarten through tenth grade. MAP is administered three times: in the fall, winter, and spring. These computerized adaptive assessments give educators the detailed information they need to build curriculum and meet students' individual needs. Understanding each child's academic level is crucial to helping them excel in the classroom.

    The Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) works with educators to create test items that engage young people to demonstrate what they know and what they're ready to learn. Teachers can use the results to enhance each child's experience at school.

    MAP dynamically adapts to students' responses as they take the test:

    • Answer a question correctly, and the test presents a more challenging item.
    • Miss a question, and MAP offers a simpler item.

    This way, the test focuses in on a student's learning level, engaging them with content that allows them to succeed.

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