Meal Assistance Programs

  • Note: The 2022-23 school year applications for a student’s free/reduced eligibility will be available and ready for families to complete around the end of July. We will post more updates regarding CEP schools and additional information once the details are finalized.


For 2021-22

  • All students in FCPS schools can receive a breakfast/lunch at no charge (and without an application) this school year, thanks to a federal government waiver. 

    However, if you still need free/reduced eligibility status for other programs*, please read below for instructions to complete the online 2021-22 applications.

    Find your household size in the chart below. If your income is less than that listed for your household size, your children might qualify for meal benefits and you should complete an application.

    Attention: The following applies only to families who receive SNAP (food stamps) and K-TAP benefits. Students in these households might have already qualified for a free meal eligibility status through the State Direct Certification (DC) List. If so, you will receive a letter from the FCPS Child Nutrition office letting you know that the state has automatically approved your child for benefits. (Please read the letter carefully to ensure all the children in your household have been identified.) If your household receives federal benefits but you have not received a 2021-22 letter from FCPS Child Nutrition by the start of school, please go ahead and fill out one of the applications below. 

    Note: Some foster children and children receiving some types of Medicaid might also be considered DC. Students who are homeless, Head Start, migrant, and runaways will also be considered DC, starting on the date that the district identifies them in one of the listed categories. 

    If your child is not DC and you want to proceed in applying for free/reduced eligibility status, please look for their school below for details on the two different assistance applications.

  • CEP schools

  • Non-CEP schools

  • Contact us

    Jessica Morgison,
    Child Nutrition program assistant
    and FRAM coordinator
    (859) 381-3838

    Paper forms: Families who cannot apply online may request a paper application by mail; call (859) 381-3838.

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    Costs waiver: A federal government waiver means all meals are free for all students through 2021-22. 

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    Did you know? The Child Nutrition Department has eliminated costs to families for reduced-price meals since August 2017.  

    Archive records: 
    Free-and-reduced monthly reports  


  • Other benefits: 

    * Our Meal Assistance Programs’ data is used for eligibility for school fee waivers, magnet school transportation assistance, Family Resource & Youth Services Centers, Title 1 and other school funding programs, Special Education, sports/summer camp scholarships, other meal assisting programs, discounted internet services (EBB program), college pre-exam testing discounts, KEES scholarships and other college financial assistance, and more