Coaches and Staff
  • Here are Coach Wilsons' old school workouts for advanced girls.
    • 1mile jog with basketball every day.
    • Jump rope 10 min
    • Ball sprints 10-15
    • Push-ups 25
    • Sit-ups 25
    • Wall sits 1min3 times
    4 days a week or more if possible.
    • Side to side slides without crossing your feet 60 sec x 3
    • Stationary cross over ,right-hand left-hand dribbling, between the legs. figure 8 dribble.
    • Lay ups : right and left hand make (50 each slow and fast. Keep eyes off the ball.
    • Dribble around obsticals lay ups.
    • Cone or chair dribbling 10-15 min
    • Two ball dribbles, alternating two ball dribbling, zig-zag -two ball dribble
    • Jump shooting close range then long range. Remember dart plate arm. Shooting arm shaped into a 90-degree angle tucked to your side wrist flat sticking your hand in the rim.
    • Bank shooting(make 25 each)
    • 3 to 5 dribbles jump shooting (make 20 )
    • One hand close range form shooting.
    Cool Down
    • light jog or bike ride.
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