• Important Symbols for BSHS


    CREST: The gold shield signifies faith, protection and bravery.

    GOLD: Signifies majesty, riches, wisdom and honor.

    TORCH: Inidicates intivative, knowledge and wisdom.

    CLASPED HANDS: Represent friendship and cooperation at school and in the community.

    KEY AND FEATHER QUILL: Represent the gaining of knowledge and the communication of it to the public.

    RIFLE CROSSED OVER THE TOMAHAWK: Represent the struggle of the pioneers to defend their homes and honor.

    ANIMO ET FIDE: Stands for courage and faith.


    BLUE, GREEN, and GOLD were selected for a twofold purpose.  To duplicate those in the flag of Virginia under which the original Bryan Station Defenders fought in 1782 (the fort was then in the county of Virginia) and to suggest the three major colors in nature:  BLUE to represent the sky, GREEN to represent the land and trees and GOLD to represent the sun.


    On Bryan Station, fight Defenders fight!
    Victory is in sight.
    By our strength, and courage, too,
    Win for GREEN and GOLD and BLUE!
    So on Bryan Station, fight Defenders gight,
    Guardians of our might.
    Watch our team go down the field (floor) and score!
    Let's fight, fight, fight, FIGHT
    For Bryan Station High!


    Mean Man: His persona reflects the heritage of the pioneers at the seige of Bryan Station Fort between the British and Indians in 1782.

    Mean Man


Bryan Station High School Crest