Board Members

  • The school board:

    • Develops policy that governs the operation of schools;
    • Provides visionary leadership that establishes long-range plans and programs for the district;
    • Hires the superintendent and issues annual evaluation reports;
    • Sets local tax rates and practices vigorous stewardship to ensure that all school district funds are spent wisely.

    On May 20, 2019, four of the five board members reaffirmed their commitment to their “standards of practice” -- a document outlining 14 agreements drafted during a retreat with Superintendent Manny Caulk. It was first approved by unanimous vote on Oct. 26, 2015.

    In spring 2019, Daniels, Spires, Love, and Nash signed the "standards of practice."

District 1

  •  Will Nash

    Will Nash
    3226 Beacon St.
    Lexington KY 40513
    (859) 494-4652

    (Term expires at end of 2019)    


    Bio highlights

    • School board service: appointed in November 2018
    • Experience: middle school teacher; founder and executive director of Teach For America - Appalachia; board member of Transform Education Kentucky; member of the Florida Department of Education's Select Task Force on Principal Preparation
    • Education: B.A. in Political Science and Economics from the University of Kentucky
    • Occupation: executive director of New Leaders
    • Family: wife, Katti

District 2

  • Tyler Murphy


    Tyler Murphy
    1588 Leestown Rd., Ste. 130-156
    Lexington KY 40511
    (859) 368-6570

    (Term expires at end of 2022) 

    Bio highlights

    • School board service: elected in 2018
    • Experience: Social Studies teacher; SBDM teacher representative; board member of the Kentucky Education Association / Central District; associate campus director of the Kentucky Governor’s Scholars Program; steering committee of the Kentucky Council on Social Studies; trustee of First Presbyterian Church (Lexington) Cornerstone Fund
    • Education: B.A. in Political Science and History from Transylvania University; M.A. in Education from Morehead State University
    • Occupation: Social Studies teacher (AP U.S. Government & Politics and AP World History) at Boyle County High School

District 3 / vice chairman

  • Raymond Daniels

    Raymond Daniels
    3889 Branham Park
    Lexington KY 40515
    (859) 202-1460

    (Term expires at end of 2020) 


    Bio highlights

    • School board service: appointed in mid-2016 after the death of John Price; elected in fall 2016; selected as vice chairman in January 2017
    • Experience: member of the Special Education Advisory Council; served on the boards of the Kentucky Community & Technical College System Foundation, the Bluegrass Area Chapter of the American Red Cross, Community Ventures and the Urban League of Lexington-Fayette County.
    • Education: bachelor's degree in business administration from Catawba College
    • Occupation: owner of Waffle House restaurant franchise in Fayette County
    • Family: wife, Tiffany; one daughter and one son.

District 4 / chairwoman

  • Stephanie Spires

    Stephanie Aschmann Spires
    925 Cramer Ave.
    Lexington KY 40502 
    (859) 351-8599

    (Term expires at end of 2022)


    Bio highlights

    • School board service: appointed in 2017; selected chairwoman in August 2018; elected in November 2018
    • Experience: PTA at Lexington Hearing and Speech Center (past president) and Ashland Elementary, former executive director at Arbor Youth Services, previously a member of the FCPS Special Needs Task Force, LFUCG's Commission on Youth and Public Safety, the Model Court Steering Committee, the Juvenile Detention and Alternative Initiative, and Volunteers of America Advisory Board; also served on the boards of the Lexington Public Library and Library Foundation, the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning, Uspiritus, Bellwood Children's Home, and LFUCG's Homeless Prevention and Intervention; also, foster parent
    • Education: B.A. in Secondary Education Social Studies and B.S. in Political Science, M.S. in Higher Education, all from the University of Kentucky
    • Occupation: social entrepreneur
    • Family: three daughters

District 5

  • Daryl Love

    Daryl Love
    988 Firethorn Place
    Lexington KY 40515
    (859) 806-6635

    (Term expires at end of 2020)


    Bio highlights

    • School board experience: Appointed in 2010 and elected in 2012 and 2016
    • Experience: PTA member at Veterans Park, Millcreek, and Maxwell elementaries, Lexington Traditional Magnet School, Tates Creek Middle, and Tates Creek High; served on School-Based Decision Making Council at Millcreek; former board member with the Commerce Lexington, Governor's School for the Arts advisory council, and the Partnership for Successful Schools
    • Education: bachelor's degree in computer science and mathematics from Lane College; MBA from Midway College
    • Occupation: Associate VP Career Services and Professional Development at Kentucky State University
    • Family: wife, Rhonda; two sons.
  • Running for office:

    To be qualified for this elective office, a candidate or applicant must be at least 24 years old, a Kentucky citizen for the last three years, and a registered voter in the appropriate district and voter precinct(s). They must also hold a high school diploma or GED certificate and be in compliance with anti-nepotism state laws, and cannot provide contract services for the school district.

    Filling a vacancy:

    Under state law, the Kentucky education commissioner has 90 days to appoint someone to complete the term if a seat is vacated. The school board advertises for qualified applicants by running notices in the Lexington Herald-Leader and on the school district’s website. After receiving the applications and verifying qualifications, the Kentucky Department of Education sends a letter to the superintendent with a list of all qualified candidates. A committee selected by the commissioner then interviews all qualified candidates and makes a recommendation to the commissioner, who has the final determination.

  • Superintendent's role

    Superintendent Manny Caulk serves as secretary to the school board. His executive assistant is Tanya Dailey.