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  • Help Clays Mill Students Collect Bottle Caps For Benches

    • Our students will be collecting bottle caps and lids that would normally go into the landfill and sending them to a company that will turn them into benches and picnic tables.
    • The students will be responsible for sorting and weighing the caps and lids to prepare them for the trip to the recycling facility.
    • Drop off containers are located in the cafeteria and at the top of both stairwells.
    • See the second page for types of lids and caps we can collect. Please rinse any food or product off the lids otherwise the company will not accept them. 

    Thanks in advance for your help!


    Wanted: Bottle Caps for Benches!

    Acceptable Caps –MUST BE CLEAN

    Medicine bottle caps

    Drink bottle caps

    Milk jug caps

    Flip-top caps (ketchup, mustard)

    Detergent caps

    Spout caps (mustard)

    Hair spray caps

    Spray paint caps

    Toothpaste tube caps

    Ointment tube caps

    Deodorant caps

    Caps w/RECYCLE NUMBERS OF            (2)      (4)      (5)

    Squeeze pouch applesauce caps



    Acceptable Lids – MUST BE CLEAN

    Cottage cheese container lids

    Cool whip container lids

    Mayonnaise jar lids

     Coffee can lids

    Yogurt lids

    Cream cheese container lids

    Peanut butter lids

    Butter container lids

    Ice cream bucket lids under 8”

    Prescription bottles – label removed





    Drink bottles

    Food containers

    Plastic storage bags (Ziploc)

    Soap pumps

    Trigger sprayers

    Lotion pumps

    Fast food drink lids

    Grocery bags

    Plastic that is not a cap or lid, plastic pieces and parts

    Caps or lids with   (1)    (3)    (6)   or (7) recycle number




    Collection containers are located in the

    cafeteria and at the top of both stairwells.

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