Facility Design & Construction

  • This office supports the district's instructional goals by promoting school environments that ensure high levels of student achievement. We manage the activities of the design consultant teams and contractors working on the major construction and renovation projects at all FCPS sites. We are also involved with the school board's Local Planning Committee and development of the District Facilities Plan and FCPS Facility Standards. In addition, we are responsible for archiving project record documents such as those related to site acquisitions, design, and construction contracts, and approvals from governing authorities.


    Contractor approval process

    District Facility Plan

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  • Contact us

    Melinda Joseph-Dezarn, AIA 
    director of Facility Design & Construction
    (859) 381-3826

    Lars Finneseth,
    project manager
    (859) 381-3826

    Scott Fitch,
    architecture project coordinator
    (859) 381-3824

    Lisa Clark,
    construction budget analyst
    (859) 381-3826

    Location: Ambrose building at 128 Walton Ave.