• Attendance is a vital component and predictor of our children’s success. Helping families take control of their student's information and attendance is an important part of scholastic success.

    Our mission:

    At TCMS, students will become lifelong learners and contributing members in a global society.

    Key Information for Parents:

    • You have unlimited doctor, dentist, therapy, or court notes.
    • Parents can write up to 10 sick notes for tardies and 10 sick notes for full-day absences per year.
    • There is a 3-day window to turn in notes after absences; notes will not count after that. This is Kentucky law, not Fayette County policy.
    • Contact the school for funeral absences.
    • Parents can write three (3) notes for family emergency days per year.
    • Attendance can be monitored through the parent portal.
    • Excuse notes can be emailed to tcmsattendance@fayette.kyschools.us or faxed to 859-381-3060.

      Excuse notes must contain:

      • Name of student
      • Date of absence(s) or tardies
      • Reason for absence(s) or tardies
      • Parent/Guardian signature and date

      ***An email without these items will not count towards an excused event***


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