WBL = Work-Based Learning

  • career development & preparationA WBL internship is an option for a high school student who has completed extensive school-based preparation related to an identified area of career and academic interest in their Individual Learning Plan (ILP). Internships are usually one-time experiences that lead to course credit and/or pay.

  • Format

    The internship may be a component of the student's schedule during the regular school day, after school hours, or during the summer.  

    It is short term or long term, as defined by the work-based learning agreement.

    It combines classroom instruction and field experiences.

    Examples include but are not limited to: 

    • Semester course covering workplace issues in a student's field of interest, in conjunction with work-based learning experience
    • Seminar one day per week throughout the course of the work-based learning experience


    Work-Based Learning Plan & Agreement

    Employer Evaluation Report

    Certificate of Insurance (available from the teacher/program liaison)

  • Outcomes

    * Gain career development and the opportunity to test career choices

    * Receive work experience related to career interests

    * Integrate classroom studies with work experience

    * Receive exposure to facilities and equipment unavailable in a classroom setting

    * Increase employability potential after graduation

    * Develop written and oral communication skills