• Work-based learning (WBL) provides opportunities for students to learn under real-life conditions and to develop knowledge, technical skills, and the confident attitude to succeed in their chosen career.

    WBL weaves structured learning activities into the classroom curriculum, enabling students to apply and connect their experiences in the workplace. WBL also gives students a chance to interact with employers and to demonstrate they are ready for the workforce. 

  • WBL, which progresses through each year of high school, aligns well with Career and Technical Education (CTE). Students can participate in:

  • Highlights include guest speakers, mentoring, site visits, school businesses, career expos, job shadowing, internships, co-ops, and apprenticeships. 

    Four elements of a quality WBL program:

    • Partnership agreements
    • Authentic work experiences
    • Structured learning components
    • Culminating assessment and recognition of skills

    WBL for our staff includes teacher externships and peer-professional learning.

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