• Elevate- A portrait of a graduate


    The portrait of a graduate is one of moments. Moments indicative of the unique journey of each and every FCPS student as they are equipped for the future. Moments of academic preparedness, college and career readiness, civic engagement and cultural competence. All of which, when pieced together, tell the story of our students/achievements and preparation to excel in a global society. 

    Elevate is the platform for our Individual Learning Plan (ILP).   Each student ( 9th-12th grade) will need to have 10 Moments in Elevate this school year. 


    1. All students should have the Career Assessent from Virtual JobShadow  (REQUIRED) Virtual JobShadow

    2. Sophomores and Juniors should log the ACT test from this year. Seniors should also log their ACT scores

    3. Students that attended the Career Fair should log this moment

    4.  Students that attend a field trip

    5. Athletes

    6. Music, Art, Drama events

    7. Financial Literacy

    .8. GPA

    9.  Research project

    10. FAFSA Completion

    11. Scholarship and/or College applications

    12. Military Enlistment

    13. Job Applications

    14. AP exams

    15. EOP exam,

    16. College Campus visit

    17 College Admissions meeting

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