Lafayette High School

Lexington, Kentucky

  • Major Change Application

    Application Window: January 16 – February 24, 2023

    Major change applications are for current SCAPA students only.

    If you are considering changing your major for next year, please note the APPLICATION deadline of February 24, 2023.   Auditions will be scheduled on an individual basis and must be completed by March 10, 2023.

    Please review the following information regarding the major change audition process prior to completing the online form.

    • Any student who is currently enrolled in SCAPA may apply for a Change of Major.
    • All major change auditions will take place between Feb 27-March 10, 2023, and if approved, will go into effect for the next school year.
    • No major changes will be granted during the school year.
    • Students may select only one area in which to audition for a major change.
    • Once the Major Change form is returned, you will be contacted by the appropriate Arts Teacher.  At that time, you will schedule the Major Change audition with the specific teacher according to a time and date that is convenient for all parties.
    • After the Major Change audition takes place, you will receive written notification as to the outcome (Approved or Not Approved).  
    • If your Major Change is APPROVED, your counselor will be notified so that they can make the appropriate changes to your schedule.  If your Major Change is NOT APPROVED, then you will remain in your current arts major for the upcoming school year.
    • Parents must also complete a parent questionnaire for the requested arts area. (No other recommendations are required.)    *** ***
    • IMPORTANT: Parents, should your child be accepted into the requested arts area, they will no longer be receiving gifted services/instruction in the former arts area. When completing the Major Change Application, parents must initial this statement indicating that you understand the potential change in gifted services/instruction. Your child will not forfeit gifted status in the previous arts area but will be selecting to no longer receive gifted services/instruction in the previous arts area.
    • Please review the audition requirements and scoring rubrics for your requested major change arts area.

    Major Change Application