Special Ed 101

  • Is my child developmentally on track?

    Does my child possibly have a delay?

    All children progress at different rates. There may be a developmental concern when your child has delays that are significantly below the typical range and are unresponsive to intervention.  

    • For preschool-aged children, call (859) 381-4080 to request a screening.  

    What comes next if a delay is suspected?

    Let’s look at the MTSS process at school. Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) provides high quality, research-based instruction targeted to learner needs. Needs are identified by monitoring students' progress. MTSS provides high quality, standards-based instruction and intervention matched to students' academic, social, and behavioral needs. 

    A parent can request an initial evaluation at any time to determine if a child is a child with a disability. The use of MTSS strategies cannot be used to delay or deny the provision of a full and individual evaluation.  In some cases, there is a sense of urgency because of the level of difficulty the child may be experiencing at school.  If after reviewing all available data, the Admissions and Release Committee agrees with a parent who refers their child for evaluation that the child may be a child who is eligible for special education and related services, the school must plan an evaluation and obtain consent from the parent before conducting the evaluation.  While there isn’t a specific timeline from referral to consent to evaluate, it should occur within a reasonable period of time after the referral is made.  MTSS interventions and progress monitoring must be initiated and/or continue throughout the evaluation process.

    What is my role and what are my rights as a parent in the special education process?

    You are active participants in the process. You can give or refuse consent for evaluation and/or special education services, and you can request a referral for special education services. You  also have access to education records.

    What is the general process for special education?

    • Referral - If a disability or delays are suspected, a referral meeting is scheduled by your school’s Achievement and Compliance Coach (ACC). This person will be your special education contact with any questions or concerns. The name of the group meeting is the Admission and Release Committee (ARC), so these meetings are referred to as ARC meetings. 
    • Evaluation - In the referral meeting, the group will review data and then the ARC will create an evaluation plan if appropriate.  The evaluation will be discussed at the meeting.  Typically, the evaluation would take place at your child’s school during the school day.  The evaluation typically includes and is not limited to observations, standardized testing, and interview. We have 60 school days to complete the evaluation and meet again to review.
    • Eligibility - The ARC meets again to review the evaluation and determine if your child meets the Kentucky Guidelines for Eligibility.  There are several different areas of disability.  

    What is the Individual Education Program (IEP)?

    • If your child is eligible for services, the team would then write an Individual Education Program (IEP). The IEP includes your child’s present levels along with goals your child will be working on for the next year. 

    Additional resource: Kentucky Parent Guide for Special Education