Lafayette High School

Lexington, Kentucky

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    What Happens at the Audition?

    Before the day of your audition:

    • Prepare any music, writing, monologue or artwork that is required for your audition.
    • Read through the Audition Requirements for your arts area to make sure you know what they are going to ask you to do!
    • Read over the Scoring Guide for your arts area to make sure you understand how your audition is going to be scored.
    • Practice what you plan to do at your audition in front of as many people as you can.  The more times you practice your audition, the less nervous you will be at the audition!!

    On the day of your audition:

    • Please bring any prepared materials with you as instructed in the audition letter. VERY IMPORTANT!!!!
    • Arrive at least 10-15 minutes before your audition so that you can check in with the SCAPA Lafayette GT Facilitator.
    • Watch the clock in the waiting area to make sure that you are at the check-in table at the scheduled time of your audition.
    • Make sure you take a bathroom break before your audition!

    During your audition:

    • Introduce yourself to your adjudicators. They may ask questions to better understand you as an artist.
    • An audition committee will score your audition.  There will be at least three (3) arts professionals in the room with you, preferrably one SCAPA arts teacher, one FCPS arts teacher and one arts professional from the community.
    • You will be asked to do several things during your audition.  Be sure to ask questions if you do not understand what is being asked of you.
    • Have fun and do your best!

    After your audition is over:

    • Go home, go shopping, go out to eat, take a nap...relax!!  It is over and you have done your very best!
    • Audition results will be mailed to your house sometime during the month of January or February.  At that time you will know whether or not you have been offered a placement to SCAPA.
    • If you are offered a placement to SCAPA, then you will be hearing from the SCAPA Lafayette GT Facilitator and the Gifted/Talented office over the next several months regarding additional paperwork and registration materials as needed.
    • If you are not offered a placement to SCAPA, don't give up!  We occasionally have more openings happen over the summer and we may be giving you a call.  If not, please keep enjoying your arts area and audition again next year.