Lafayette High School

Lexington, Kentucky

    • When are the auditions?

      Auditions for SCAPA Lafayette will be held at the SCAPA Bluegrass building, next door to Lafayette High School.  The address is 400 Lafayette Parkway, Lexington, KY 40503.

      PLEASE NOTE: Virtual auditions are a possibility due to COVID-19.  Check the audition requirements for both in-person and virtual auditions. All updates will be communicated to parents/students via email and posted on this website!

      PLEASE NOTE: Due to conflicts with other events, some auditions MAY take place on alternate dates.  The location will remain the same for all auditions.  If your child's audition is affected by an alternative date, you will be contacted ASAP.


      November 13, 2021 - Art, Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Drama, Literary Arts, Piano and Vocal Music

      December 4, 2021 - Band and Strings


      Length of Auditions

      • Art Audition - 90 minutes (groups of 8)
      • Ballet/Contemporary Dance Audition - 90 minutes (groups of 8)
      • Drama Audition - 45 minutes (groups of 6)
      • Band/Strings/Vocal Music/Piano Auditions - 15 minutes (individual)
      • Literary Arts Audition - 2½ hours (groups of 25)