Lafayette High School

Lexington, Kentucky

  • High School Application Information

    SCAPA Lafayette is a program for students, grades 9 - 12, who have been identified as gifted/talented in the areas of Art, Music, Dance, Drama and Creativity.  Lafayette High School is home to the SCAPA Lafayette program.

    Students wishing to be considered for placement at SCAPA Lafayette audition in the fall prior to the year of attendance.  Applications will be available from August 16 through October 7 of each school year.

    NOTE: The student MUST be a current resident of Fayette County at the time of application in order to be eligible to apply to SCAPA.  This is non-negotiable!


    SCAPA Application Process

    Step 1:

    On-Line Application (DUE OCTOBER 7)

    Make sure you click on "SCAPA Lafayette" for the high school application!!

    Step 2:

    Parent Questionnaire Form (DUE OCTOBER 20)

    Step 3:

    Recommendation Form (DUE OCTOBER 25)

    UPDATE: The Recommendation Forms and Parent Questionnaire are now Google Forms and must be submitted electronically using any device with internet access (computer, cell phone, Chromebook, tablet).