External Research Requests

  • In an effort to increase transparency, improve efficiency, and enhance the quality and value of research conducted in and with our schools, the Office of Grants, Research, Accountability, and Data (GRAD) has prepared the following guidance to assist prospective researchers seeking to work with our district. Please review the requirements below prior to submitting a research request.

    For Open Records Requests, please refer to the general counsel’s office.

  • Research/evaluation proposal requirements

  • District co-sponsorship

  • Other considerations

  • All research conducted in Fayette County Public Schools (FCPS) must be reviewed and approved prior to the commencement of any research activities. 

    Prior to submitting a research proposal for approval and review, the applicant must secure a district co-sponsor. Requests for review and approval of research must be submitted electronically to the GRAD using our support portal. Once approved by the district, researchers are responsible for securing approval and informed consent from any school leaders, teachers, parents, and/or students as necessary for their research. Prior to the submission of any materials for publication, the researcher must submit the manuscript to the GRAD for final review/approval.

    Conditions to conduct research

    1. Researchers read and adhere to below research and evaluation proposal requirements.
    2. The study complies with all relevant components of 45 CFR 46 Protection of Human Subjects as well as any other related federal laws. 
    3. Researchers follow all FCPS policies.
    4. The study directly addresses a priority described in the strategic plan and researchers obtain co-sponsorship.

    Manuscript review

    We require all documents that will be made public (e.g., publication) be reviewed by GRAD prior to submission. We do not censor research results, but will require changes to your manuscript if the inferences are not supported by your methods.

    If a study will last longer than a single academic year, we ask that the researchers submit an interim report to the GRAD no later than Aug. 1 of the next school year. This submission will be used to review the continuation of the research project. 

    Start your research or data request

    If you have any questions about conducting research in FCPS, please email the GRAD office