• Seeing the Screencastify Extension

    The extension was pushed out to all Fayette students and teachers and is visible in your Chrome browser. If you don't see it, click on the puzzle piece in the top right corner of your screen, and click on the push pin next to Screencastify. A video is coming soon to demonstrate this. 

    CAUTION:  You must be using your Chrome browser and you must be logged into the browser with your Fayette email address. 

    Enable the Extension

    When you first click on the extension, you will be prompted to login to your Fayette Google Drive with your Fayette email address and click Allow. You may also be prompted to allow access to your microphone. 

    Record Video


    Share Video

    When you stop recording the video, the video is saved in a Screencastify folder in your Google Drive and a screen pops up asking if you want to share the video. If you click share and grab a copy of that link, the link can be submitted to your teacher via Canvas.