• Transform Education

    Academies revolutionize what school can be for public high school students by allowing them to gain real-world experience in a field that interests them.

    Enhance Collegiate & Workforce Performance

    Academy graduates are talented, engaged, and prepared to meet the needs of the 21st century economy.

    Benefit Lexington

    By transforming our schools and enhancing the lives of graduates, the academies benefit our community as a whole.

Why This Model?

  • High school students are graduating into a world that’s changing faster than ever. Today’s workplace would be unrecognizable even 20 years ago—the internet, automation, and increasingly advanced technology have revolutionized the way we work in the 21st century.

    But while industry has evolved, education has stayed largely the same. In order to truly prepare our students for the world that’s waiting for them, we have to transform the way we approach public education. Students deserve an educational experience as innovative, immersive, and engaging as the world around them.