• Remote Learners

    Describe your school delivery plan for remote instruction, incorporating considerations outlined in the Office of Academic Services Instructional Guidance for Remote Learning document (Appendix O).

    • We plan to provide daily synchronous instructional time for all core and encore courses. 
    • Students will attend our Commodore Time at the start of each day, where they will receive our Social-Emotional Learning 
    • Students will then follow the traditional bell schedule that will include 4 core and 3 encore classes. 
    • Students will utilize Zoom and attend classes with their in-person peers. 
    • Teachers will be expected to follow the district's pacing guides. 


    • Provide grade-level appropriate instruction for ALL students.
    • Provide consistent instruction for all students per grade level.
    • Minimize disruption to our master schedule and keep current classes in place.
    • Continue student/teacher relationships.
    • Keep teacher workload manageable (as much as possible)

    Remote Instruction:

    • Students will remain with their current teacher for instruction.
    • Students will Zoom into their live “in-person” class for instruction.
    • Students will have access to a certified “facilitator” for a check/connect help sessions when not in the regularly scheduled classes. 
    • Students will have the opportunity for additional support by adding an ATL class with a certified teacher.
    • Students will continue to complete all work within Canvas.