• In-Person

    • Students attending in-person will follow our traditional bell schedule with 4 core and 3 encore courses.

    • Teachers and students will continue to utilize Chromebooks as their primary delivery mode.  

    • Teachers will follow the FCPS In-Person Guidance Document. 

                Link to In-Person Bell Schedule

    • Modifications must be made to maximize social distancing in classes or activities that usually involve students working in close proximity, such as science labs, small group instruction, chorus, physical education, art, band, orchestra, drama, etc. These activities should not be cancelled if distance and sanitation needs are met.

    • While challenging, instructional plans should include intentional efforts to provide students with opportunities to collaborate with others. Student discourse can happen at the partner, group, whole class, or student-to-teacher level. Collaborative projects will occur between in-person and remote learners when possible.



    Staff Assignments

    • All certified teachers will deliver live instruction in-person to students. 

    • All teachers will teach in-person class and remote learning classes each day. 

    • Teachers will follow the district pacing guide with both groups. 



    • Desks will be arranged to maximize space between students.  If the physical space in the school does not allow for spacing students’ desks 6 feet apart, desks will be arranged to leave as much space as possible between desks. All desks will be arranged so students face the same direction.

      • Tables: If classroom furniture includes tables designed to be used by multiple students or small groups of students, we will have access to desk shields. .


    • Fabrics and soft surfaces can remain in classrooms in accordance with district guidance on sanitization and cleaning requirements. Throw rugs, area rugs and beanbags are not allowed, with the exception of area rugs in preschool classrooms or items needed according to individual education programs.
    • Masks: All students K-12 and staff are required to wear a mask at all times, with the exception of those who have a medical or ARC-directed exemption. Detailed mask and PPE guidance and protocols are provided in Appendix B.


    • Student movement should be minimized to maintain social distancing. This requires teachers to develop protocols that limit movement of students for distribution of materials, sharpening pencils, and student work collection, as well as other classroom procedures.

    • Transitioning: When lining up in the classroom to leave for a common area, students will line up in the same order each time and space themselves to maximize distance.

    Instructional Materials

    • Students will maintain their own set of school supplies (glue, scissors, etc.).

    • Students should not share materials, books, or manipulatives. Individual kits or bags of materials will be assembled for each student.

    • Individual whiteboards and markers will be needed for each student.

    • In circumstances where students may need to share desks, materials or resources (e.g. texts with limited copies, science equipment), sanitize between student use and have students wash or sanitize hands before and after using the materials.

    • Teachers may handle student materials to demonstrate or model instruction. Frequent hand washing or hand sanitizing is expected.

    • When students return materials from home, sanitization must happen before and after the materials are used by another student.

    • Guidance for preschool classrooms is provided in Preschool COVID-19 Guidance for In-Person Instruction (Appendix I). 

    Band and Orchestra


      • All PPE has been purchased and will be available to our students upon return to school. 


    • Students will sit in assigned seats each day and all facing the same direction facing the instructor.

    • Any shared equipment will be disinfected after each class. 

    Chorus and Vocal Music


    • KN95 masks will be worn if/when singing may occur. 

    • Paper bags will be provided to store the masks daily. 


    Physical Education


    • Students must wear a mask during transition and when the teacher is walking around to pass out equipment to students
    • Students may remove masks during strenuous physical activity. Masks need to be readily accessible.  
    • Equipment will be sanitized between every class. 
    • Teachers will limit the use of physical education equipment and eliminate the use of equipment that would be passed between or shared by multiple students throughout a class period.
    • For equipment that will be touched or handled by students, assign each student their own piece of equipment for that class period. Teachers are responsible for cleaning and disinfecting equipment between classes. If there is not equitable access to equipment for all students or if equipment cannot be properly cleaned and disinfected between classes, avoid the use of equipment altogether.


    Library/Media Center

    TCMS Media Center

    • Materials will be held out of circulation for seven days to allow for disinfection per American Library Association guidelines.

    • Media centers may, at school discretion, allow students to use computer stations provided they are supervised and sanitized between each user.


    Specialized Services