• Staff Arrival Procedures: 

    • Staff will arrive by 8:40 and be at their supervision spot by 8:45.
    • Staff will enter through the back main hallway doors or front main office doors.
    • Mask on at all times. 
    • Temperature check and screening procedures will be followed. 
    • Sign-in
    • If a staff member begins to experience symptoms of COVID-19 they will notify administration immediately.  Coverage for students will be secured.  The administration will encourage the staff member to be COVID tested and quickly review with them the isolation/quarantine expectations.  The staff member will then leave the premises.

    Supervision Duty:

    • Outside parking lot area 
    • Outside door by foyer
    • Front foyer  
    • 200 hallway (Bond/J. Hughes room) 
    • Staff Supervision plans for arrival, each designed spot will have 1-2 adults to provide supervision and instruct students to their designation while encouraging social distancing and ensuring mask-wearing
    • See chart below for assigned morning supervision assignments


    AM Supervision



    Supervision Assignment


    Bus Loading Zone

    McDowell, Combs

    Front Door


    Front Foyer


    6th/Encore Hallway


    6th Grade Kiosk


    7th grade Hall

    Ransdell, Covarrubias

    Back Exit Door


    8th /Encore Hallway

    C. Turner, J. Turner, Bates, Thornsbury, Sirginnis

    Car Loop

    C. Turner, J. Turner, Bates, Thornsbury, Sirginnis

    Car Exit Door

    Student Arrival Procedures:

    • Hallways will be roped off for two way traffic, students will walk on the right-hand side of the hallway and follow the flow of the red arrows 

    • All students will have the opportunity to pick up grab-and-go breakfast and go directly to their CT teacher. 

      • Lockers will not be permitted 

      • Students will not be permitted to leave the classroom unless extreme circumstances arise (bathroom) 

    • Buses 

      • Students arrive and enter the main lobby doors on the right-hand side of the hallway where the thermal thermometer will check their temperature

      • This will be monitored by an administrator and teachers with morning supervision 

        • If a kid is flagged for a high temperature with a thermal imaging temp check, a staff member will ask the student to go back through and check again.  If the student is flagged again they will be checked by the handheld thermometer.  If over 100.4 they will be asked to step into the conference room where they will be isolated and asked to contact home. 

    • Car Riders 

      • Students will be dropped off in the car rider loop and have their temperature checked by a staff member upon exiting the vehicle. 

      • If a student reads 100.4 or higher the student will leave with the parent/guardian who dropped them off

      • If a student reads a high temperature on the first reading, the administration will ask the parent to pull forward (possibly turn the heat off) and retake the temperature a few minutes later.